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Corporate teambuilding with Virtual Reality: we bring to your event 3 top virtual-reality collaboration experiences 

The virtual reality teambuilding experiences were developed by Bolt Virtual, and are based on its extensive experience in organizing VR events for the company’s corporate clients. We offer you a selection of 3 different experiences, from which you can choose which ones to use in your event. All 3 experiences are among the best team building games available, and they put the participants in fun, intense environments, that require leadership, effective communication, and high-intensity problem-solving for success.

In 'Mystery Island VR', developed in-house by the software studio of Bolt Virtual, and in 'Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes' each player wears a virtual reality headset and has to describe to their teammates what he/she sees and receive their instructions to solve the puzzles or diffuse a ticking time bomb. The other players have the manual or the maps in their hands: so everyone will need to talk it out –and do it fast! 

In ‘VR Pictionary’ each player creates a 3D image depicting the word the game provides. The team finding more words wins the game. There is nothing more exciting than painting your word in 3 dimensions with a fluid laser-beam, and move around inside a 3D space so that your teammates can understand what you are painting.



• We come to your premises or your chosen venue

• For up to 24 persons per session

• Duration: app. 1,5 hours per session

• Up to 96 persons in 6 hours

• We bring top-end virtual reality systems to your event

• The teambuilding experiences are supervised by our very experienced facilitators 



• Challenging puzzles– test the limits of your communication and collaboration skills 

• A different puzzle or ticking bomb every time. 

• A great way for a teambuilding VR experience with all of your colleagues! 

• Puzzle solving and bomb defusing is a team endeavour. 



Contact us:

- by e-mail

- by phone at 210 382 18 32

- by mobile at 694 502 7550

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