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Portfolio. Research Projects in eXtended reality

XTREME Horizon Europe Reseach Project

Bolt Virtual have been awarded a new Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Project under the topic “Next Generation eXtended Reality”. The Project, which started in January 2024, is implemented by a consortium of 14 partners from 9 EU countries that include 5 European Universities, enterprises in the mixed reality sector and relevant public institutions, and is lead by the IT University of Copenhagen. Xtreme will develop a human-centered mixed reality (MR) solution that, instead of requiring the participant to be physically present in the venue, brings concerts and art performances to a remote location via MR technology while retaining the immersive experience and giving additional dimensions to it by integrating real and virtual contents. Our solution will allow for virtually shared, realistic experience together with selected social circles of the user.

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BRIDGES (A hyBRID (physical-diGital) multi-user Extended reality platform as a stimulus for industry uptake of interactive technologieS) project proposes to bring a holistic solution to the market for (remote and co-located) group interaction in room-scale immersive eXtended Reality (XR) environments that blend the physical and virtual space. 


The BRIDGES solution is based on the existing platform Immersive DeckⓇ, which was further researched and developed into a turn-key, flexible and scalable product that can find applications in different industries.


The project carried out extensive and comprehensive research focusing on the areas of industrial training and informal learning/edutainment with the real world settings. Bolt Virtual created the virtual reality multisensory experience “A Day in an Athenian House” of the 5th century BC which was installed at the Foundation of Hellenic World, while the Project also created virtual reality firefighters’ training at the international Airports of Athens and Berlin.


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Bridges - Multi-user extended reality platform | Try the XR experience!

Bridges - Multi-user extended reality platform | Try the XR experience!


Living Monuments is an XR software Project implemented with the main goal to promote the Greek cultural heritage, modern culture and tourism products through the digitization and display in virtual reality environment of three cultural monuments of Greece: Ancient Aigai and the palace of Philip, Ancient Delphi and the Temple of Apollo as well as the walls and City of Byzantine Thessaloniki.